Tree Removal Raleigh NC

Tree ClimberTree Removal in Raleigh NC has been our main business for years. This may include removing a decaying, dying, dead, structurally unsound or unsightly tree. Everett Tree Service employees are experts in removing trees, in any condition, precisely and safely.

Trying to remove a tree yourself can prove to be a bigger task than you expect. The risk of removing a tree yourself is not worth the reward of saving a few dollars. Many unforeseen obstacles may occur or persons may be harmed when untrained individuals attempt to remove a tree. We bring our tree removal equipment, such as a crane, and years of experience so as to  protect you and your property during the dangerous tree removal process.

Leftover trees and limbs are used to create our mixed mulch, which we use for our mulch delivery services, or are donated to Warmth For Wake, a special effort we are involved with that provides fuel for needy families. In this way, trees and limbs are not wasted but recycled for a new use.

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